Here You Go to Explore Best Short Jokes on Internet

Surfers often waste lot of time in search of best but end up with nothing impressive but here you go to explore the best and easily sharable short jokes ever. If you land up here, you know how to have fun in life and it is really one of the essential of today's busy life.

1.) Police: We catched one full truck load of whiskey!
Officer: Good, now arrange one truck soda and one truck of something to eat!

2.) Husband: I want you to become Angel for my life.
Wife: Have you made heaven for me?

3.) I not commit myself on seafood diet...
every time I sea food, I eat..

4.) If something goes too easy and perfect.. Bravo.. you are doing it wrong!

5.) It is observed that minutes of school and microwave are longer than normal..

6.) You are looking so cute and sweet today.. Was I looking ugly the other day!

7.) Yo mama so fat that when she sat on her iPhone, she created the iPad.

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