Life is a great gift

Life is a great gift of God and we must care for it. We try t live it in a way that when God look at us, he could feel so happy. So laugh as much as possible. Nothing is important than keeping yourself cheerful. There are lots of Funny Quotes and sayings to break the ice. You can use them to show your real sense of humor. Habits are very useful elements of our day to day life. So we must develop the habit of spreading happiness wherever we go. After all no one like boredom and silence. We must choose to being hilarious. There are endless benefits of it. Your health continues improving and you get lots of love. You are really doing a noble cause by entertaini9ng everyone. Charlie Chaplin has rightly been said that "A day without laughter is a day wasted." So find those stuff which make you crazy and share with you friends and relatives. Put them on your status and have the wonderful time ever.
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