Humor for Lives

We take birth, grow and become mature, go old and die. It is the fact of everyone's life. No one can escape from his. But at the end of the life, when you look behind and find that you spend all of your life in tensions, troubles and unimportant work, you feel so bad but wish you could rewind the time. So humor and laughter both are necessary for good life. You must live so happily so that when you die, you don not have to repent for anything. Live now, it is the most important moment of your life.

You always have two people with you, both drag you to their side. They are sadness and fun. Now it is your choice where you want to go. If you go on the side of fun and entertainment, another one disappears and if you fall on the side of sadness, fist one disappears.

There are endless ways of inviting fun into your place. You can use funny quotations, jokes and pranks to have mind-blowing time with friends and family. It makes your health perfect. You never feel bored and your hours go so well.
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